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The Lancaster Table

We call this the Lancaster Table. The table you see here is the second one we’ve ever built and its available now for purchase in Tricorn Black right on our showroom floor!

Want a different color? Visit our website to build your own!

With early northern European design roots, this table uses less to be more.

I designed and built the first one as a conference table for, my then new division, H. Lancaster Co., 11 years ago.

My goal was to maximize aesthetic and structural integrity while minimizing complexity. This 100% wood construction completely breaks down into four neat components.

During Hurricane Harvey the city water tower fell on my building, destroying pretty much everything inside. That is except for this extremely sturdy table.

Even though it was soaking wet and under storm debris for the better part of six months, all it needed was refinishing. Rather than bother team to refinish it because we were in the middle of rebuilding the business, I took the table out to my property in Rockport to use as picnic table. There it sat, outside in the South Texas weather.

About six months ago, after the poor thing sat in the rain and sun for 5 years, I decided to bring it back to the shop and give it a new life in our show room.

After a simple sanding, a little stain, and a good clearcoat it sprang back to life.

It was love at first sight for everyone that saw it.

So much so, that it sold the first week after putting it on the showroom floor.

Inspired by my experience with this table, I decided to give it a place in our permanent line of furniture and we’ve decided to call it the Lancaster table.

Neat Fact… there are no screws in this table, its ALL Texas wood. At H Lancaster we are Bringing Back Made In America with time honored techniques in our South Texas workshop.

If you’d like to get one of your own please head over to our custom orders page to get started! Click here.

Lancaster Table in Tricorn Black

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