H. Lancaster Co.

H Lancaster Co

"Bringing Back Made In America"

Since its establishment in 1984, the Lancaster Companies have been offering top-quality, artisanal furniture throughout the United States. Our Woodworking Studio, located adjacent to our H Lancaster Co showroom, is where we meticulously handcraft all of our furniture. You can watch our creations come to life; we invite you to come out and visit!

Experience Artistry and Personalization With Our Custom Handmade Furniture

Crafted to your vision, inspiring your space. Experience the beauty of  our exquisite, tailored furniture lines.

Crafted to Last: Exclusive Furniture that Transcends Generations

Timeless designs blending traditional woodworking techniques, modern materials, and exclusivity, creating furniture destined to endure generations.

"Beautifully crafted furniture for every room"​

Our furniture collection offers a wide selection of unique styles to cater to your preferences. Choose your furniture in the material and finish you want! 

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